BusinessPoint’16 Will Take Place at Windowist Tower



We are proud of announcing that Business Point will take place at Windowist where your dreams about convenient and comfortable working can readily occur. At Windowist, you will be welcomed by the intimate setting of working places and elegant atmosphere all around the tower. With fully equipped, executive offices you will appreciate the decoration with first class furniture. Your working experince will be enhanced by fresh plants at floors, natural day light illumination and flexible layouts at all offices. Apart from offices, the meeting rooms are also promising you a prestigious environment with sound proof walls where you can fully concantrate on your meeting. Windowist Tower’s terrace features a spacious place overlooking the bustling Büyükdere Street from the 4th floor.

Location: Eski Büyükdere Cad. No: 26 Maslak-İstanbul

Located next to ITU Maslak Subway Station that is open 7/24.