BusinessPoint’18 Başvuruları Devam Ediyor!

BusinessPoint’18 başvuruları devam ediyor! Koç ve Sabancı Üniversitelerinden Tam Burslu MBA ödülü, staj ödülleri ve toplamda 10.000TL para ödülü kazanmak istiyorsan hemen başvur! BusinessPoint, İstabul Maslak Windowist Plaza’da gerçek bir iş hayatı ortamında gerçekleşen Türkiye’nin en iyi 6 üniversitesinden 3. ve 4. sınıf öğrencilerinin katıldığı bir iş hayatı simülasyonudur. CV ve mülakat elemesiyle seçilen 60 […]

BusinessPoint ’17 is coming..

Organized by Bilkent University Operational Research Club, BusinessPoint is a business life simulation, which will be held in a real office environment by the participation of 3rd and 4th grade students. To experience the real business life, participants will be contributing to five different stages and for each stage, participants will perform a task with […]

BusinessPoint’16 Accommodations at Steigenberger Hotel

STEIGENBERGER Your accommodation will be at Steigenberger Hotel which is a luxury hotel located at Maslak, few minutes close to Maslak Subway Station and popular shopping mall İstinye Park. Every room is provided with 32 inch flat screen tv and unlimited coffee-tea fulfilling. You can start the day with open buffet at hotel’s restaurant that […]

BusinessPoint’16 Will Take Place at Windowist Tower

WINDOWIST We are proud of announcing that Business Point will take place at Windowist where your dreams about convenient and comfortable working can readily occur. At Windowist, you will be welcomed by the intimate setting of working places and elegant atmosphere all around the tower. With fully equipped, executive offices you will appreciate the decoration […]

BusinessPoint Application Procedure

             BusinessPoint is the perfect opportunity for experiencing the business life, since it is a real business life simulation. The event will take place in a real office environment Windowist so that the participants will feel and even breathe the business atmosphere. In order to become a part of BusinessPoint […]