How can I apply?

Students can apply to BusinessPoint from businesspoint.orbilkent.com/apply until 25th of February. After filling the form, applicants are expected to follow the steps that are mentioned to them by e-mail.

Are there any participation fee?

Yes, participation fee for applicants of BusinessPoint’17 is 50 Tl. Participation fee can be paid during the event.

What is included in with the participation fee?

Participation fee, includes accomodation at Steigenberger Maslak, Gala Dinner, breakfasts, lunch meals and the event.

What will be de awards for the winning team? 

There will be MBA Scholarships to be announced and 10.000 TL award at total.

Where is the Gala Dinner?

Gala Dinner will be at Steigenberger Maslak, dinner meal and unlimited domestic spirit will be served.

Accommodation during the event

Accomodation will be at Steigenberger İstanbul Maslak Hotel. For more information about the hotel please visit, www.steigenbergeristanbulmaslak.com .

Transportation at İstanbul

Transportation will be held by Operational Research Club from significant stops.

Any other question?

Please feel free to ask all of your questions to info@orbilkent.org.